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Microsoft Windows 10 S Ships From This Summer

Microsoft Windows 10 S Ships From This Summer

Google Chrome OS is the very lightweight Operating Sytem till the date and no major releases are takes place . Microsoft is expanding the market with the new Windows 10 s series lightweight Operating system which is competitive for Google Chrome.For windows 10 s operating system expensive hardware is not required.Microsoft is announced the cost starting from $189 and for high-end features it would be $250.

Microsoft is shared the new Windows 10 s with the major hardware manufacture companies for OEM releases.Windows 10 s will be available in Acer.Dell,Hp,Samsung.Leading hardware manufactures are started build the compatible hardware.

Windows 10 s will help in School sector and meet the teachers criteria.Along with Windows 10 s office 365 apps will be provide free.

Microsoft schedule this shipment from this summer worldwide to capture the next academic year start for students and teachers.Microsoft step is effect Google Chrome os sales. Microsoft is also offering free upgrade to the old devices to windows 10 s.Microsoft R&D focusing the next level digital education to students from school itself.

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