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Microsoft Allows iOS Developers To Build Develop Test iOS Apps In Windows

Microsoft Allows iOS Developers To Build Develop Test iOS Apps In Windows

It’s new move for Microsoft Xamarin to grab all the developers on single roof to develop and build their apps.Microsoft is allowing iOS developers to develop there apps and build in windows using Xamarin.Xamarin will use Visual studio for iOS.Using this you no need MAC device to build or test apps.Microsoft is release press note the Mac device is not required for further any apps build.. continue with Xamarin. Xamarin is a live player developer can deploy and run even test it.Using Xamarin iOS apps also debug directly in windows system.

Microsoft is planning more update the next level of features in Windows 10.Already Windows 10 having the capability of cross-platform functionality.Using windows 10 we can launch Linux flavors without shutdown we can use the both operating systems.Now this iOS also joined.

iOS developers need to install Xamarin live player app in the iOS devices.After the app installation pair the key by scan QR code.Live changes can do in Xamarin.This is the first cross platform app that can perform live code update and build the apps for iOS.

May be in future Microsoft and Apple will start R&D for cross platform integration in both sides.

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