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Mirantis New Cloud Platform Openstack And Kubernetes

Mirantis New Cloud Platform Openstack And Kubernetes

Openstack primary lead in cloud platform Mirantis. Mirantis now announced it’s new cloud platform combined Openstack with Kubernetes.Mirantis will stop the openstack stack support by 2019 final quarter.Support will take place for it’s new combination platform.Mirantis step into the cloud platform integration.

In cloud platform Mirantis is always beyond the expectations and moving very fast forward to build new integration.Even Mirantis customers are looking forward Openstack with Kubernetes.Openstack dev users also started working on Kubernetes.This new changes allowing to deploy openstack with multiple kubernetes and even allow single Kubernetes cluster.

Mirantis New Cloud Platform Openstack And Kubernetes

Mirantis full pledge deployment as per the customer’s customize requirement will take place nearly 6 months to reach to the customer into operational.With this new changes Mirantis suggesting to customers to the update to the new cloud platform for more flexible access.For different customers also it is providing various openstack solutions.

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