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Mixpanel Launch Codeless Mobile Analytics

Mixpanel Launch Codeless Mobile Analytics

Mixpanel announced new feature that never ever cameout from anyother product that will increase the mobile business to customize the entire organization or a company analytics tools.This is not need to write any additional code and built with defaults.

Many optimization and other testing teams also utilized this without concern anyone help and business Heads and CEO also re-verified this without implementing any additional code.This code less analytic tool is big challenge for Mixpanel.

Mixpanel Launch Codeless Mobile Analytics

This Analytics tool not only track the pageviews also listout the various users action on pages too.To customize more feature need to verify with the technical people and explain to Mixpanel to adjust which one need to track in the particular company categery.

Mixpanel codeless Mobile Analytics are user friendly and it is easy that customer can track the interactions in the Android and iOS app.Once install Mixpanel SDK any changes need to done from cutomer end can directly change it without any App Store approval or update.This is the first app that is giving this direct access t customers.

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