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Uber Self-Driving Car Hit And Crash At Arizona

Uber Self-Driving Car Hit And Crash At Arizona

The self-driving car testing for Uber company seems endup with a bad incident happen at Arizona.Uber suspecting there is some extending experts to avoid these kind of situations happen if self-driving is not manage the critical times.In recent times self-driving Volvo SUV has been hit another car and crash at Arizona. Slightly rolled half the angle.When SUV crash it damaged other vehicle which driving humans.

Uber investigating the crash incident happen on Volvo SUV and confirmed that when it hit crash car in self-driving mode.No passengers was hurt in crash.

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In last December Uber self-driving car crossed red light at California signal area and fined and faced some cases against the Self-driving cars in public areas before the testing completes.Google Self-driving cars are successful tested and did well in all the testing in busy traffic also. After some time Uber came up with the bit new technology that will help forward to the self-driving technology.

Uber declared that it is using the proprietary softward for Self-driving cars. Uber currently suspending the self-driving card for some time and work more to void this kind of crash in self-driving mode.

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