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Whatsapp Messenger Hits 700 Million Users

Whatsapp Messenger Hits 700 Million Users

Mobile messenger service Whatsapp service touched another mark.Currently holding 700 million active users.Officials confirmed this news.Last August it is having only 600 million users but in the span of 5 months it increased 100 million users.And daily 30 billion messages are sent.In high competition market other message apps like Hike,Line,WeChat even Whatsapp lead the current message world.

Whatsapp is the world largest social media that holding 700 million users followed Twitter 284 million,Instagram 300 million users.Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook when 450 million active users.Whatspp also featuring Voice calling and data end-end encryption soon.If this feature out early users will touch 1 billion in a year.

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In India 70 million active users and placed in 10th position in worldwide market.Local data,network provider Airtel started feeding customers charging for data and voice calls separately.

Facebook messenger also contain the similar features but Whatsapp usage is quit different and very friendly.Whatsapp will communicate with the mobile contacts where Facebook can message only facebook friends.

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