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Which Model Mobile Compatible With Windows 10

Which Model Mobile Compatible With Windows 10

Microsoft announced windows 10 to mobile versions.Now it is ready to release Windows 10 preview officially.

Also Microsoft released the press note that all Windows phones will not support Windows 10.So in the press note mention the supported models that will be available to update windows 10 preview.Almost all Lumia versions except Lumia 930 and HTC models will not support.

Which Model Mobile Compatible With Windows 10

Here is the windows 10 preview support models are Lumia 1020,1320,1520,520,525,526,530,535,620,625,630,635,636,638

Lumia 720,730,735,810,820,822,830,920,925,928,Icon,430,435,532,640

Microsoft enable user feedback along with windows 10 preview.If any bugs are generate Microsoft will resolve and release the direct versions along with the new series.While update in your mobile better maintain the backup of the old versions.

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