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Windows Desktop Remote Access From Tablet And Mobile

Windows Desktop Remote Access From Tablet And Mobile

Remote desktop feature are intial use for windows based systems.Generally people are using this for connecting the windows servers from local systems and internal connecting.Remote desktop can use for any static ipaddress systems in any locations.

Remote Desktop App

Very recently Microsoft introduced Remote Desktop App for ipad and iphone as well as Android devices.Remote Desktop App can directly use RDP protocol to connect remote systems.

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There is some disadvantages with this App is that we cannot connect Home and standard based windows desktops.Initial stage app was developed for professional and Enterprise Editions.Other way to use this app is port forwarding and Dynamic DNS service.

If you are using windows Home edition there are other ways to connect Remote Desktop from your Tab or mobile devices.

TeamViewer For Windows

Normal users are using this software to connect remote computers from all platform of operating systems.To avoid the port forward and DNS configuration introduced Teamviewer for mobile devices.

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Teamviewer had not set any restrictions for personal use.To avoid the operating systems platform Teamviewer app is suitable.

Simple steps to use Teamviewer mobile app.Download and install Teamviewer mobile app and it will ask for the id’s of the host computer.Teamviewer launch this app for Mac and Linux operating systems also.


Windows Desktop Remote Access From Tablet And Mobile

There are some other Remote Desktop softwares that can connect Remote computers from Ipad’s and mobile devices.

Windows Apps for Ipad And Iphone

For Iphone and Ipad’s Splashtop app will connect Remote computers.But there is very limited access and some of the restrict will the trail version , to continue with loaded features need to pay $20.Additionally add one more package that is Anywhere Access Pack for access the RDP overall internet.

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Google Chrome Operating system providing inbuilt Remote Desktop connection softwares.Chrome will support Windows,Mac,Linux,Chrome Os.Google released Android app for connect Chrome Desktops to connect Remotely.To use this app need to log in from your Google account.

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