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5 Interesting YouTube Tricks That Use Everyone

5 Interesting YouTube Tricks That Use Everyone

Most commonly using online streaming video website YouTube.Many of the people is not aware of many things which YouTube offering.Let’s see some of the key features that are help YouTube viewers.

Adding Water Mark

If you upload any videos from local system in general prefer to add water mark on the video.From YouTube it offers from Video Programming.

Branding also in the part of watermark.It is easy way to communicate to anyone that you did the work from your end that is from you local system using the water mark or branding.To make the brand logo which will reflect on the videos follow the below,

– First sign in and Create Studio.
– Go to Channel and Branding
– Now Add a Watermark.
– Choose the file button and save it and upload.

5 Intresting YouTube Tricks That Use Everyone

Download YouTube Video

For some intresting videos download we need third party tools that may not flexible to use all time for them YouTube itself update additional link.Simple adding ss infront of the YouTube link it will automatically redirect to high quality download.

For Download:

YouTube Gif Videos

If user want adjust the output video in Gif format that is also YouTube offers it.Adding gif before the YouTube link that output will be redirect to gif page from here easily set the start and end time too.

For Download:

Customize Time On Play Video

It is not possible that all time sitting and moving which we stop previous video.To avoid such kind of things simple mentiont he time after the URL end.adding #t= is the way to start the video from where it will play. #t=4m20s

Change YouTube Colorful

Bore with the regular YouTube view is not satisfy to the regular viewers.To make the new changes and make it colorful type doge meme and click on enter it will change the complete look of YouTube.

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