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How To Update Nokia C5-03 Software From PC Suite

How To Update Nokia C5-03 Software From PC Suite

Software update is quit simple for smartphone.For Software update internet connection or 3G should be in smartphone.For any new software related updates in mobile phone it is pop-up but most of the people prefer to skip and click Remind Later so at that time it will pass but it will effect in further mobile operating.

There are two possibilities to update mobile software.From mobile phone we can do directly otherwise need to connect to PC Suite and start update.

How To Update Nokia C5-03 Software From PC Suite

Software Update From Mobile:

– Click on Menu and select Applications
– Applications -> Tools > SW Update
– It will display the available updates in the phone based on the recommended choose it.
– This update may take nearly 15-30 minutes.Connect the power supply for charging while update is running.

Software Update From Nokia PC Suite

Here is the precaution that before start Software update take the backup of your contacts and data from Nokia Suit backup option.From this Backup Option we can take the Phone device configuration,Videos,Contacts,Photos from memory card and phone memory too.

– To update the Software first need to install latest Nokia PC Suite in your system.
Here is the Download Link For latest Nokia PC Suite
– Take the USB Cable to connect mobile to system.
– Now go to Tools > Software Updates.Later select the updates you want check it and download and install in mobile.

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