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5 Tips to Get Your Dream Job Using Social Media

5 Tips to Get Your Dream Job Using Social Media

Social media is a groundbreaking platform that allows us to upload, build and share vital details with other brands. With the advent of social networking, one can find the job quickly.  You should make the use of unique channels where you can create visibility in the front of the member of the industry.

You will find plenty of particular social media platform, and most of the sites are vital for your career.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are known as the biggest platform for jobs.  Therefore, you must share business related information on a networking site. Following are the five helpful tips to use social media and grab your dream job.

  1. Build your Personal brand

You should establish your brand on the social media.  After that, one must check out the results on the local or international search engines and social media sites. When it comes to the social media, you should create a strong profile and build a strong presence on the website. Make sure that you are conscious regarding your reputation.

Nowadays, most of the companies are employing new employees on the basis of a social profile.  Following are the vital details that you should add in the profile.

  • A professional profile picture in the genuine clothes.
  • Add proper studies in profile description section.
  • You should add a link of CVV in your profile.


  1. Check out the pages of the Employees

You must develop networks with other brands. Like, you should visit on the pages of employees then check necessary details in the profile.  You must connect your page with other employees and reputed brand on social media. For instance, if you are looking job of Fashion designing, then one should check the pages of a Fashion designer.

You must create a high-end profile that will able to attract other companies. As per researchers, 58% of job seekers will check the profile picture before employing you.

  • Create a Networking Group

One must create a group on social media, and then you should add multinational company’s employees on it.  Make sure that you are active in the group. You should post best questions and share advice with employees.

  1. Must check available Positions

Most of the companies are looking for employees in emergency situations. Therefore, you must filter search via social networking sites and find the best companies for the job. After that, you must follow the pages and hope for the best.

Instead of searching on Newspaper you must opt for the social media sites. Make sure that you are choosing the job according to your qualification, skills & experience.  You should develop a good network on the social media.

  • Create New hashtag

Now, you must represent some creativity in the profile, Most of the job seekers are using keywords, so you should add the skills, experience, age, and other important things. It will show your profile to other audience.

  • Jobs on Facebook

Nowadays, there are plenty of websites are out there where you can obtain a job, and Facebook is one of them.  Recently, Facebook has introduced with latest Jobs on Facebook option. With the assistance of such feature, one can obtain local areas job.

  1. Develop your Network

Social media is one of the best options where you can develop the relations with new companies and employees. Make sure that you are creating the connection with employees that will assist you in finding the connection. After that, you must check the connection with existing contacts. Like, if they are working in the multinational company, then they will find a particular job for you.

  • Follow on social media

After finding the pages, you should follow their personal account and create a best social media connection and comment on their posts. One can send a message; personally, that will assist you in creating the best relationship with them.

  • Check their reputation

Make sure that you are choosing the reputed company where you can grab a job with a great salary.  Therefore, you must check their networks, reputation, and services, etc.

  1. Find an active community on Facebook

Facebook has become a top-notch platform where you can find plenty of jobs.  However, if you are using community feature, then it can be easier for you.  Therefore, you should make the use of discovery tool and find an active community on it. It is one of the best ideas because one can grab jobs easily. After joining the groups, you should use your position and start a conversation with them. You should showcase your knowledge in front of other employees.

So what’s the final verdict?

In a nutshell, if you want the standard job, then you should consider social media sites. However, Above-mentioned vital points will assist you in finding the best job according to your qualification.


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Pankaj Jangir is a professional online Digital Marketing Trainer. Good knowledge of Website Designing and Digital Marketing. He made a website i.e. FB Post Likes from Facebook users can grow the likes on their Facebook pages and posts.


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