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8 Lakh Users Attracts By In India

8 Lakh Users Attracts By In India

Social media leader Facebook announced a report for India nearly 8 lakh people was joined and it is amazing response from the users.

Facebook partner with Reliance Communication to offer 30 free website without and data charges in India as the part of global initiative.

8 Lakh Users Attracts By In India

Facebook step towards principle of net neutrality that will be damage of local internet providers and loss of telecom companies too.Facebook want to more users to access internet worldwide.So focused on countries who are access less internet.In previous time mobile users are not ready to access internet in mobile because of the charges but using service most of the users are connected internet.This is only for Reliance customers and allowing 7 circles those are Mumbai,Maharashtra,Gujarat,AP,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,Kerala. is currently holding 800 million users in 9 countries.Facebook aims to get more people online and spread the benefits of being online and access the more services.,Facebook,Facebook website,Social media,mytecharticle,technews,knowledge article,g8k

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