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Microsoft Released Office Preview For Android Phones

Microsoft Released Office Preview For Android Phones

Microsoft release it new preview of Office for Android phones.This release bit delay and released after previews for Android tablets,iOS devices.More number of users are engaged with iOS and tablets.Moreover people are very familier to run Office in Tablets.

Microsoft is the only the firstone who provide compact version of Office for Android in a single app.Microsoft implemented new code that allow more features in Office.Also this app integrated with the cloud storage that help to access your office files anywhere.

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Such a long time for Microsoft working on cross platform.Now it is build apps for iOS mainly.

Microsoft plans to work users on Office work along traveling and different locations too.So it is the simple way to increase more subscribers for Microsoft apps in future.

Before release Office app to mobile users Microsoft checked in OS X,Windows Desktop,iPhones,iPads,Android tablets and finally it is touched to Android phones.

It is another official news that Microsoft iOS and Android Apps touched 100 million download.

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