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Whatsapp Voice Calling In Not Free In India

Whatsapp Voice Calling In Not Free In India

Well known news is that Whatsapp recently introduced voice calling feature that will be the calling to your contact list attached in Whatsapp chat list.People who are try to use Voice calling feature here is the news is that Voice calling feature is not free of cost in India.

Whatsapp is high number of users in India.Here is one exception for Wi-fi users.For people are using Whatsapp on data plans it will cost and adjust monthly usage plans.

Whatsapp Voice Calling In Not Free In India

Whatsapp consume 1.3MB of data for every 60 seconds.Some times usage will be start from 960 kb.Based on telecom operators data plans will change.Average 3G data plans start from Rs200 – Rs250.Whatsapp calling charge 20 paise for each minute and normal telecom operators are charge will be 50 pasie per minute.

Average 500MB plan gives nearly 6hours talktime for Whatsapp users.To receive calls from other contact data will be use.Roaming charges change according to the data plans providers.

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