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Amazon Prime Video Is Now Launched On Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video Is Now Launched On Apple TV

This was very old statement from Apple CEO Tim Cook that Amazon Prime will come to Apple TV. Finally these words come true and now Amazon Prime Video is available in Apple TV also support iPhone 8 and iPhone x.

Amazon Prime Video App will supports Apple TV 3rd generation devices only. For some users if it is not visible need to search in Apple TV for Amazon Prime Video , it will automatically pop-up in the search.

Amazon confirmed that they are not ready to sell this product to their customer which is not compatible to those devices and they start return to Amazon that will be mess-up the customers reviews on the product. Finally it compatible for the such updated devices.

Amazon Prime Video is the much waiting streaming app that Apple is not holding from longtime besides Netflix and Hulu. Apple is now working this app can compatible for iOS devices .

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