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Apple Pay Cash Out Now In US States For iPhone Users

Apple Pay Cash Out Now In US States For iPhone Users

Apple announced Apple Pay Cash in the month of June and it is time to roll out for all iPhone users.Apple Pay Cash is proprietary of Apple now . iPhone users can directly send the payments to other iPhone users using iMessage. This update available from iOS 11.2 version.

For iwatch OS would be OS4 and iOS 11.2. In final statement Apple pushed this update and made this live for iPhone users.Apple Pay cash will be internal payment very soon.Money received from other users will directly credit to your Debit or Credit card which updated in the Apple wallet when sign in to Apple Pay Cash. For other need you can use the Apple Virtual gift card to anyone.

Apple Virtual cards will accept for all Apple Pay accept points. Apple is trying to promote this Apple Pay cash by adding additional money back to users. Apple working on expand the Apple Pay Cash to all the users which can install it in mobile devices. Currently Apple Pay Cash feature is available for couple of states in US. By the first quarter 2018 Apple Pay cash will be worldwide.

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