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AOL Instance Messaging App AIM Closing Soon

AOL Instance Messaging App AIM Closing Soon

World’s very old and standard instance messaging APP AIM product of AOL is closing their services on 15th Dec 2017. It is 20 years long journey that first instance messaging app.

AIM is a free instance messaging app that is first company own build to reach high number of users worldwide.AIM started removing the relevant link that try to download via internet, So if any users want to download AIM from the official sites it is not possible now.

Still people want to login last time to check the previous conversation only option to login from the official website and to check online. Global wide there are very few accounts are still active on AIM.

AIM is the first instance messaging app that hold ten’s of million active users for long time. After years passing global messaging market expanding and WhatsApp,Gtalk,FB messanger,Hike are the very competitive to attractive more number of users.Currently WhatsApp holding high number of active users worldwide. Google,Facebook,Yahoo companies are enabled in-build messaging apps , So users is not required to login in any other messaging app to communicate with the family and friends. Last year Verizon acquired AOL for $4.4 billion.

Behind the shutting AIM server from 15th December 2017 is to comeup with the new idea to attract more number of users which made initial days of AIM started and will back with the new platform to communicate world – official from AOL.

When AIM launched there was no marketing and no advertise.Barry Appelman, Eric Bosco and Jerry Harris are the inventors of AIM. After finishing the product due technical issue people are not hoping the product will comeout. But in the single day their employees started using AIM and just word pass 1000 people joined in USA. The day start AIM never saw back and users are keep on increased and reached million mark in very short time.

Even before other competitors enter into the market AOL is the main source to communicate people globally. If any AIM loved users login to your account for last time and enjoy the last moments of AIM.

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