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Amazon Stop Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan Now

Amazon Stop Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan Now

Amazon shocking news for unlimited cloud storage drive is ending and current Prime members can able to access unlimited cloud storage.

Who are going to sign-up for the new Amazon Drive for unlimited cloud storage this option will not enable . Users need to choose 100GB or 1TB,30TB plans following $11.99,$59.99. For each 1 TB need to pay $59.99 per year.Previously this unlimited photo are available for only $59.99 per year.

For new sign-up’s user will get 5GB free cloud drive this option is still available.

Amazon introduced unlimited storage in 2015 to cover the cloud market which is occupied by the other providers like Google , One Drive, Dropbox.According to the market Amazon hold the major market after Google and still continue to lead the market using the paid storage for additional space.

Users are kept the large size file and ISO images and bulk videos that cause unlimited storage criteria also moving forward and there is no scope to restrict the user.

Only google is offering unlimited photos and HQ photos upload to the storage.Even Google auto back to loading the HQ videos to the cloud storage.Some of the other third party storage services offering the limited storage to get the more number of users that will sign-up.

Who ever have the unlimited Cloud storage previous will continue the same till the expire date and after that while renew it that cost would be $59.99 per year for 1TB space.This need to limited the users who have the more space in cloud storage.

New user part of free storage 5 GB can manage the space and when it touch 98% it will prompt to opt new plan to increase the space to continue the service.So user can alert to remove the unwanted photos and other files too.Amazon new restricted storage plans will may impact more to the new sign-up users. Amazon always try to grab more market with the new technologies and services.

Amazon offering that if the existing users who are having unlimited cloud storage drive if the did not renew the account with paid services Amazon will hold the users data til 180 days till user renew paid services.After 180 days Amazon will start delete the recent upload and older one’s.Before that user will download to the local storage or move to some other storage location.

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