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Amazon And Walmart Compete Business Buying Companies To Expand The Market

Amazon And Walmart Compete Business Buying Companies To Expand The Market

Well known fact is that future of retail chain will be online and office that is very closure to the customer need at doorstep.Amazon and Walmart is the leading online stores in the world retail market.Walmart and Amazon both rivals are announcing new offers to customers to capture more business.Amazon bagged grocery stores chain market Whole Foods and Walmart bagged online shopping site Bonobos.

Walmart and Amazon both moving very fast to expand their business and grab more number of customers.Amazon announcing big billion sales twice in a year and doing record business every time.Amazon another step that integrate brick-and-mortar with it’s online shopping deals.Currently planning in progress this physical stores to online portal.

Market analysts are waiting that which online giant will mix up online retail with offline and make best service to deliver product.

Walmart is not established most of the countries and still delivering the products from the nearest countries, this is one of the remark that back step for Walmart.But Walmart is funding to establish business in more number of countries.

Walmart focused on Amazon Prime service that costing for Prime members but with 2 days deliver Walmart giving free service to the customers.With this free move Amazon will not lose anything because more than 60% house hold already prime members.Even in Amazon Prime membership is not required, Amazon is delivering the product before the estimate date that making Amazon as big online retailer.

Amazon grocery business will help to reach working people that deliver the home products to door. Previously Amazon fresh was not success because of the logistics but now Amazon is good in logistics and that is more benefit, behind Whole Foods acquire Amazons fresh will re-launch via retail business. Walmart have another advantage that it is already occupied more in grocery business ,90% of Americans are shopping fresh in Walmart stores. In America Walmart offline stores are more that is also another advantage.

Walmart grocery pickup is going to implement in Amazon also and Amazon brick-and-mortar customers are very familiar for physical shopping and not habit to do via online stores.In recent Amazon survey also detailed most of the brick-and-mortar people are offline customers.Amazon new discount for brick-and-mortar new customers will help to turn offline customers to online.

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