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American Express Joined Android Pay In Canada

American Express Joined Android Pay In Canada

Digital payments are very fast forward in the payments market. Android pay entered in to the market and stepping good moves towards grab more number of banks add into the kit.Android Pay entered in Canada this May , when the time of launch Android pay was not supported American Express and few of other local banks too. In Canada more than 40% people are holding American Express Credit Card. Now endup waiting and American Express joined in Android Pay now.

American Express recently collaborated with major banks in Canada and also joined hands with Visa and MasterCard.Android Pay still working with some of the Other major banks like Swiss Bank and RBS to add into Android Pay.

Canada is one of the largest online paying countries and digital payments are new era of the online market. Major online partners are allowing all types of payments online and offline too.

Android Pay is the one of the easy payment option via smartphone. Unlock smartphone and Tap while doing payment and enter the amount and card. Payment Done.

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