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Apple Offers Free iWork Web Beta With Apple ID

Apple Offers Free iWork Web Beta With Apple ID

Apple started new feature for Apple developers.iWork is the new service that was comeout from Apple which is very similar to Google productivity suite.For this iWork it is not need any Apple hardware simple sign up with Apple ID this will be available via public iCloud Beta.Once it wil be well user can turn to standard version of iCloud.

Apple Offers Free iWork Web Beta With Apple ID

This web based iWork suite working for further features with interactive charts and better interface.In previous iWork is the paid productivity which is distribute via Mac App Store.Now iWork is concentrate on getting potentials customers to valid the Apple Apps.Microsoft also working for Apple apps which is product of Microsoft, recently release Outlook App for Apple devices.

Apple tries to get the users with iWork that developers will get good web based services to test those apps and later very basic price.Also Apple will get more customers for iCloud services and other product based services.

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