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Facebook Extending Fact Findings Program To Avoid Fake news

Facebook Extending Fact Findings Program To Avoid Fake news

Facebook is confirmed that it is going to expanding the fact findings program to the next level of technology to avoid the fake news. These kind of false news and Fake news impact more as Russian Trolls help to reach 90% of Americans through Facebook in 2016 elections.

Facebook started working on these fake news from year starts after users personal data was sold to London based company by Facebook.

Fact Checkers will run on the hole content which post in pages and invidious accounts and get the accuracy information from the news feeds.Facebook is implementing this program in 14 countries and this will going to expand all the countries which allowed the Facebook in their countries.

Facts findings also involve in the videos and photos posted by the users and any misused photography or any political agenda to target parties also restricted.As per the UNO in 2019 in many countries General elections scheduled in that India is the major country that most affected via social media.

Many people are trying to do morphing on the original photographs and creating violations that is effecting common people and viral news and viral videos also creating path diversion for young generation. Facebook users are increasing dramatically.

Claim Review in the new opensource tool which use the schema to full fill the machine learning language to focus on duplicate content and pointing the original content,that will help many people to figure-out theĀ genuine source posted by the users.

Facebook committed that personal data privacy is going to very confidential and users will need to update the security questions to avoid the breaches in social media.

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