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Facebook Fifth Data Center Locates At Fort Worth, Texas

Facebook Fifth Data Center Locates At Fort Worth, Texas

World largest social media network Facebook official it’s fifth data center at Fort Worth Texas.Facebook maintain it’s own data centers from long time and each data centers have own Facebook pages.In the same new fifth data Center have own Facebook page.

Fort Worth Data Center combine the all existing DC locations that are at Sweden,Lowa,North Carolina,Oregon.As of now Lowa data center is 100% of renewable energy and Facebook officially announced that it is will get 200 MW wind energy to Texas and grid location is far 90 miles from new data center.

Facebook Fifth Data Center Locates At Fort Worth

In Data Centers all the server pods are connected with high performance network.In Oregon location data center maintain the cool temperature with outdoor air , this DC is near to the sea locations because of that electricity cost cutoff more than 60% in overall.

After back to back DC’s and it’s new infrastructure is helped to save more nearly $2 billion in infrastructure cost too in last 2-3 years.

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