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Flipkart Closing It’s Website Soon

Flipkart Closing It’s Website Soon

Online eCommerce portal flipkart is announced news that it is going to close online portal from September.Initially Flipkart based on online sales once it developed mobile app it is focused on enterprise and premier customers.

From Flipkart website purchases are nearly 80% in last two years.Flipkart focus on mobile app advertise and sales reached more than 80% from last year.If website stopped of offline also sales will not down.Few orders may be lose but in the short period those will also recall.Flipkart is following online cloth website Myntra.Even Myntra earning orders from mobile app only.Because of this reason myntra not foused on web portal updated.Coming days is everything follow on smartphone.

Flipkart website going to shutdown

In India most of the entertainment zones and food courts are arranged free wi-fi zones and people are busy on smartphones while having something at their places.

Flipkart last year also released press note that Flipkart website going to close soon.But due to some technical issues it was not happened.But this time official board of members agreed to do this, from September 2015 Flipkart sales from only mobile app.

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