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Facebook Target Fake Likes On Pages


Facebook Target Fake Likes On Pages

Social media leader Facebook now deeply working on the fake likes on Pages.As of this is the elections season normal voters are easily influence with the media spreading about new schemes and offers from the political parties.Now Facebook Team is working on the fraudulentĀ  accounts that are creating new likes on pages.

According to the social media survey In India 52k political pages are existing and in those 60% pages are officially confirmed by Facebook.

Facebook Target Fake Likes On Pages

Facebook Techlead said ” maintain the complete website from the abuse and spammers is difficult but we integrated our website with full pledge security system”

There are 93 million of users are not updating anything and mostly those are for fake accounts and some of the people are not interested to update.Those user accounts are using for page Likes.

Many sellers from worldwide selling likes for pages and those are 80% are fake likes.Low pay likes are mostly offer from the users.

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Now facebook are measure the Likes on pages that suddenly increasing on pages and suspecting that if there are likes more than 50k per day effect to suspended the pages from Facebook.Facebook restrict the page likes on reputation basis.

To improve the quality Likes on pages there are several ways are implementing by the facebook.In user account page like prompt will come.That will be avoid from the spammers andĀ  automated attacks.

According to IRIS Knowledge foundation and mobile Association more than 100+ constituencies people are highly inflected with the social media campaign and Facebook social media result to Political winning chances are more than 90%.

To avoid the influence of political parties on social media users Facebook implementing the security rules on pages.

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