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What will Be The Next Of Windows Xp From Microsoft


What will Be The Next Of Windows Xp From Microsoft

Microsoft announced Windows Xp support going to stop from the month of April 8th 2014.Microsoft released official News letter.As Microsoft concentrated on developing new technologies in current operating systems(Windows 8.1) R&D working on latest security patches and updates.


What will Be The Next Of Windows Xp From Microsoft

Windows Xp was released nearly 12years back released basic edition.Later Microsoft developed Professional,SP on windows XP.Many softwares are compact with windows XP operating system.Windows Xp only support client environment but major softwares like SAP,Oracle also supporting windows XP for user end.Using latest patches supported softwares are using in advanced operating systems like windows 7,8,8.1.

There are bugs in windows XP operating system but using service packs those was recovered later new bugs also came but programmers are keep on sending the latest upgrades on operating sytems is not solved the issue.

After 8th April 2014 there will be number of attacks that people going to facing with windows Xp systems.Local Antivirus orĀ  third party firewalls may protect upto limited levels.If there is no update database in your local system how Antivirus will protect windows xp systems.

To continue using the windows XP is the direct way to attract the hackers , effect to the loosing the data.It will the very serious issue and continue to attack when download any softwares from web.

Windows 7 featuring the supporting latest client end softwares.In the way even developers are updated the client end softwares for windows 8 and 8.1.


What will Be The Next Of Windows Xp From Microsoft01
Microsoft offering windows xp licensed users that upgrade to windows 7or 8 with low pay and featured taking less time to upgrade from web.

Before start upgrade from windows xp check the system requirement for windows 7 or 8.Regular patch updates will install automatically for licensed users.

Avoid the spam activity and hacker activity in your system turn on to latest windows operating system.

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