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Gmail Inbox Interface Changed

Gmail Inbox Interface Changed

Most of the mail users are using Gmail service.In early of this year Gamil upgraded space from 7GB to 10GB for all account.And this is free mail service from Google.Here is Google upgraded Inbox features with adding additional Tool bar in the Top of the Inbox.This Tool is available all userers on the different Parameters by Google.Google provide this feature to all accounts very soon.

New Gmail Inbox
Google New Inbox Features:

categegoies TabOrganized Categories:

In this you can add or Organize 5tabs in the Tool Bar.In this Primary,Social,Promotions are the common for all accounts.If you want to add remain two those are Updates and Forums.



Primary Tab:

In common and high priority mails will placed as Primary.So that Mail separations are easy and user can easily understand the mail preference.

Social Tab:

Google + is integrated with this Tab.Every activity in Google + will store under this Tab.Users Invitations also hold in this until open and accept the request.

Promotions Tab:
Promotions Tab
Second preference Tab is Promotions Tab.Regular using email accounts and alerts will store in the Tab.



Updates Tab:

Most of the security Update and Latest updates from Google will pop in the Tab.

Forums Tab:

Google Forums and User Forums related to Google knowledge center is interlink with this Tab.User can directly submit queries in the tab.

Additional Feature is you can drag and drop the emails from one Tab to another Tab easily.

New Inbox In Mobile Device:

Mobile DeviesWith this new Inbox user mail access is very easy in mobile devices.Once user account update this feature also update in the mobile account.If user wants this feature direct download in mobile devices Gmail’s official mobile appsĀ  is free of cost for Iphone and Ipad and Android devices.


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