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Google Develop Android Game Console

Google which is the leading Internet Company is now developing  Videogame and Wrist Watch powered by its Android Operating System; the internet company is going to launch the software to a greater extent, which would leave behind the technology of smart phones and tablets as per the views of few experts in this area.

Android Game Console

With this step of launching the game machine and digital watch, Google is also in a race to establish dominance over stalwarts like Apple Inc. (AAPL-08.%) , which is due in the future, as per the information available.


Google immediate plans to release a second version of an android-powered media – streaming device, termed as Nexus Q that was introduced last year , but were not on sale to the public, also quoted they hope to design and market the device themselves at the earliest. The spokesperson could not comment anything on this.

Google’s determination to build on the successful android, is the latest show case of the hardware plans.75% of all the smart phones and 57% of tablets shipped internationally that were shipped in the first quarter  was Google launched in 2008 , the research firm IDC disclosed.

The popularity of  games that run on Android software has become more, and developing more faster than the games made for the big-names consoles, developed by Microsoft Corp., , Sony Corp. and Nitendo CO.

The demand for such games has created the urge of new devices carved mainly for Android by the other hardware companies.

The market researcher Pwc, disclosed news that Along with Nitendo , Sony and Microsoft the unveiled versions of the Playstation and Xbox game consoles which will go for sale later this year accounted $24.9 billion spent world wide last year on console games, which is really interesting and  makes the waiting worth.

Google’s answApple Game consoleer to the rival Apple launch of a videogame as a part of its next big project Apple TV product release is this venture in to Android software and unfortunately Apple spokeswomen declined to comment anything on this.


The efforts of Ouya Inc., have been noticing by Google , which this week started to sell a $99 Android –based console and game controller.

On the development of the next version of android has come to the ending stage , and is soon to be released this fall,  the main aim is on making the software look simple than the available low cost smart phones in the developing countries with the thought of strengthening up the Android’s market –share globally.

News is also that through its Android unit Google hardware lab ,  is eying on to build devices differently from the company’s Motorola hardware division. This handset maker was taken by there own efforts last year and presently focused on launching an Android-based smart phones called the MotoX.

Google android phoneMeanwhile, Google is engaged in developing the low-cost Android smart phones of it its own breed with the mission of offering to the world-wide existing markets , sources having information regarding this matter have also revealed that Google is set to release this product in the markets where Google  plans to fund or help develop next generation wireless networks.



The next release of Android,  this fall would make Google rapidly use the software in the further more kinds of devices which shall include laptops and appliances like refrigerators.

The personal computer makers such as Hewlett Packard Co. are already working on Android – powered laptops running the next version of the software, which is an effort that is altogether different from the pre-launched android tablets that can physically connect to a keyboard, according to the software geeks. Android laptops would hence be able to contend with those powered by Microsoft’s Windows software, however an H-P Spokeswomen declined to throw more light on this.

The makers of devices like smart phones and tablets get the Android for free, which include Samsung Electronics Co.  the biggest of Google’s hardware partners. The hardware is likely to help Google generate revenue from services like Google search and YouTube.

Last Season Google disclosed information on generating $8 billion in gross revenue from mobile devices, which is contradictory as per few analysts who say that the majority of the Google’s net mobile revenue comes from the Web search and You Tube used on Apple devices.

The next Android version known internally as “ K release” and referred to by industry observers as “ Key lime pie” Google will give there manufacturers such as Samsung a greater extension on using Android in devices other than Smart phones and tablets, such as appliances and wearable devices.

Manufacturers that used to build devices using the official version of Android, were the Google’s Web services are pre-installed, earlier were not allowed by Google to use the Android name to promote devices other than smart phones and tablets. Google changed it’s compatibility restrictions to include more device types.

Wearable computing is  now being discussed as a  hot area of development in progress for new project operation and technology geeks . Samsung is said to be working already on an Android based watch with Smartphone- like capabilities. The Wall Street Journal reports in February stated that the Apple was developing a watch-like device with the Smartphone features embedded.

predict Google , SamsungGoogle’s idea of making a watch that can connect to a person’s Smartphone via Bluetooth technology was already disclosed in the Business Insider Blog. Also industry observers predict Google , Samsung and other technology companies are engaged in part by a desire not to let Apple succeed build a  big lead in a newer product category , as it did already by launching the iPhone and iPad.




Google is also trying to venture in to a new category of wearable devices. Its one of the serious efforts like Google Glass, a device worn on the face with the computer screen above one eye. It enable to deliver the information from the Smartphone which is connected to Glass via Bluetooth technology. The device, made  by the Google X unit is expected to go on sale to the public by the next year.

Google definitely has made its mark on the road to being termed as legitimate hardware manufacturer and consumer-electronics brand like Apple.

The first version , in a circular shaped Nexus Q home entertainment device designed and marketed by Google was unveiled last year , could not be made public unfortunately due to the $299 price tag. The next version of the Android –based which is designed to sell more music and movies through Google play, is expected to be much less expensive.

As per Google , the majority of Androids devices currently being used , depend on the software version released in 2011 that has fewer capabilities than the newer releases. Also few industry experts feel that the most recent launched versions of Androids suit for high end devices than the lower- end.

The yet to be released version of Android  is supposed  to be boom and also help mobile app developers to focus on optimizing their apps for fewer versions of the software.

According to the Google’s head Sundar Pichai , more than 900 million devices were powered by Android had been activated globally , up from 400 million a year ago and 100 million two years ago.

NVDA and Sundar Pichai  ideas


The chief executive Jen-Hsun Hunag of Nvidia Corp., NVDA which makes the microchips for devices powered by Android , has recently disclosed that over time there will be close to three billion people who shall use Android devices, and that one million programmers globally are already using the software to build applications or design devices . He also assured Android is soon going to interrupt the progress of video-game and consumer-electronics industry, computer systems in cars : as well as personal computing, like desktop computers , how ever he declined to discuss much on any unreleased products.


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