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Google Added Hotel And Restaurant Search On Android



   Google Added Hotel And Restaurant Search On Android

Google networks expanding the apps in every opportunity in user interface.In latest it is allowed the Hotel and restaurant search information in Android devices.User can easily search hotel and restaurant using voice or type at the specified locations.

As Google Acquire ITA Travels started integration all the major and high rated hotels and restaurant in the nearest search locations.Presently Google is the top most flight search engine.Instead of advertise the hotels and restaurant Google directly place the search result.Now owners are of the restaurant and hotels contact Google to rated in Top search result in Android devices.

Google Added Hotel And Restaurant Search On Android

Google was already integrated Fight search on the devices and adding the new features and discount on flights and restaurant on combo plans.

In Android search Google find and give the result of the hotels on Top rated first and gradually decrease the rating.User can search the hotel and restaurant by the price-wise too.

By the integration of searching Hotels and restaurant user can easily reserve the Tables and find the Menu items in selected Hotels.Google research labs are working more to get the new features on Android.

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