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Google App Help To Fix SmartPhone Issue

Google App Help To Fix SmartPhone Issue

Mobile apps gaint Google is now released latest Android App that will detect your mobile phone issues and help to fix the issue by the wizard.When install Device Assist app initially it will load all the phone features and prompt for the support which user facing issue in mobile.

Device Assist is the first app that will help users to get out of the smartphone issues.It will help in battery problems and Connectivity issues and screen adjustment issue.

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Also it will help the suggestion to increase the smartphone performance and capture the unused process list and indicate to users.Device Assist is free app that can be download from Google Play Store.

For Nexus mobile users Google is offering Live Google device support that can be easily fix the mobile issues and advice this new app for technical poor people.

Well known fact that many of the Android users are not aware of adjusting screen brightness and battery longtime settings in smartphones.This app will help those in good way.

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