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Microsoft Released Cortana In More 4 Countries

Microsoft Released Cortana In More 4 Countries                                                                                           If any user using windows phones from Germany,Spain,Italy,France here is good news is that Cortana is now available.Microsoft officially announced that virtual,digital assistant is open for more 4 countries in Europe for Windows Phone Developers as the part of Preview program. Cortana released along with Windows Phone 8.1 which is update program in windows phone and it is clear that it will be help to update for the current user in future Windows 10 update in all devices using Cortana. Microsoft Released Cortana In More 4 Countries When release Cortana Microsoft release Cortana in UK,Chinese and addup additional later.Microsoft ideas that this new release help to increase the Market share in new countries too. Microsoft organize a big push in background Cortana in the release that users can understood the productivity and apply window 10 in all platform devices it will get advantage to reach more customers. With new addition many of the users are sharing when Cortana will be come in local but Microsoft planning in additional addup in 2015. Tags:Cortana,Cortana review,Cortana preview,Microsoft,Microsoft Cortana,Windows Phones,Windows Phone developer

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