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Google Driverless Cars On Roads In 2025


Google Driverless Cars On Roads In 2025

Google is planning to release self driving cars in to the automobile market by 2025.As of now Google expand the business in several platforms.Google operating system and software technologies.Mobile operating system Android also developed by Google.
Google Driverless Cars On Roads In 2025
In self driving cars Google is design the Driving censor control software that can manage the driving modes and routes using Google maps and Google Navigator.Google car is still in the testing stage implementing lot of changes to release in full pledge.In case of car failed to follow the Censor control also it will not problematic and it can manage the self assignment so that passenger can relax and comfort to sit in the car.

This car will reduce the human mistake accidents and vehicle damage rate also.This software can mapping the routes and framing the virtual path for user selection , so that user can choose the best way to reach the location.Inbuilt maps and assigned routes are designed based on geographical locations.

Google Driverless Cars On Roads In 202501

Under the testing this cars was self drive till now 11 million kilometers.In this drive journey human was helped in some cases to resolve the problems that cannot solved self.Engineers are working to understand the universal signs and signal identifications and indicator alignment.Very soon Demo Google car will come.

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