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Google Announce Stop Scanning Google Apps Inboxes For Ads



Google Announce Stop Scanning Google Apps Inboxes For Ads

Google announced that stopping ads on Google apps and end the scanning students apps for education.Google is going to implement these changes in other account types soon.Google facilitates this ads stop in the customers of Business,Government and legacy accounts including free accounts.

Google Announced Stop Scanning Google Apps Inboxes For Ads01
Google release press note that permanently remove the ads enable and disable option in admin accounts also.Previously there is option to Turnoff ads in user accounts for Google apps admin.

Adding Google stop the data collection from Users data in Google Apps for promoting advertising.

Google will share the announcement to send the Google app customers end of the month.

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These sudden changes on Ads stop on user accounts is that protect the Privacy of the users.Some of the students and University staff filed case in U.S. District Court.Google company check the Privacy console with the internal legal team and comeout with Ads stop decision.

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