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Microsoft Latest Security Patch Secure IE Users


Microsoft Latest Security Patch Secure IE Users

Microsoft release a new security patch for IE users.Last week there was a series bug that crash the IE application and decrypt the data.That will cause the possibility of hacking the users secret information.This patch should be update the version of IE 6 to latest version.

Microsoft Latest Security Patch Secure IE Users01
Previous Windows XP users have no option to upgrade the latest security updates from Microsoft but this patch will applicable for the windows XP users too.In windows XP latest version IE 8.

Microsoft GM said As our security team find the bug and vulnerability started fix this immediately to avoid the insecurity of the our clients and users.So we have released the security patch on high priority basis.

Released security patch will update automatically which start browsing online.Prefunctional auto patch update was released.
Microsoft Latest Security Patch Secure IE Users
This bug effect to hackers can easily execute hacking script from the remote locations and capture the user information.Update the patch will kill the process of script.

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