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Hackers Latest Target Smart TVs and Security Cameras

 Hackers Latest Target Smart TVs and Security Cameras


NEW DELHI: As per the latest information provided by security software provider Symantec apart from Personal Computers and Mobile Phones, there are other devices which are accessible to encounters from cyber criminals.

Hackers Latest Target Smart TVs and Security Cameras

Tarun Kaura, Director of Symantec Technology(Sales in India and SAARC),said the main source of hacking is devices which are connected to PC’s in several ways, running embedded operating systems such as Android and it is considered as the magnet for cyber criminals to hack.


“In the present technology, there are increasing in devices which are connected to internet and it may be go on to the 50 billion devices by the year 2020.Due to the increase in the threat of hack, the security researchers already given the demonstrations of hack against smart televisions, medical equipment  and security cameras, ”he said. He also said that, since the newer devices does not hold the prior software loaded in it, it may leads to the gateway to attack the network and approaching enterprise data.

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An advanced Linux worm is developed by Symantec which has the capability of attacking a small internet enabled devices like home routers, set-top boxes, security computers and also industrial control systems to traditional computers. Users who are not at risk they may think that they are not in trouble but they don’t know that they own devices that run Linux internally.


He also added ”several companies who are manufacturing these type of devices are aware of security problems, these are not only tend to attack and also they may stop working without any prior notifications to particular entrepreneurs.”


When he was asked about the security measures Kaura replied “the basic requirements is to set an inbuilt password which is safe and unable to guess by anyone, most people use the password which are easy to predict like ‘1234’ or ‘0000’”,he said adding that software consumers are working hard to inform customers and to administering the liabilities.

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Research firm Gartner provides the information ”the global security software revenue increased to 7.9% to $19.2 billion in 2012 in the last year as occurrence of threats that are generating and practicing drives such as Bring Your Own Device(BYOD)  which are spending on security purposes.

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