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Advanced App For Smart Phone To Convoy Savings

Advanced App For Smart Phone To Convoy Savings


Washington: A new smart phone app ‘Hello Wallet’ has been developed that manages your expenses. This app recommends the monthly budget and also restricts from over-spending.


As soon as the you signing up the ‘Hello Wallet’, it provides the entire history of your recent transactions, account and budget summary on your financial information basis.

Advanced App For Smart Phone To Convoy Savings

‘Mashable’ reported that “’Hello Wallet’ guides you towards savings by trimming the excess spending of money.


You can reach your financial goals with the help of this app, as well as you can spends wherever it is needed.


As per the company website “All the financial information regarding income, credit cards, savings, investments and health care can be included to this app.


It look after your transactions by updating with particular banks and helps in analyzing the monthly budgets and provides latest information from particular banks.


It helps in tracking your spending and warns your extra spending by warning with alerts and reminders.


It comprises a unique and surprising feature of reducing interest rates and the remaining money is used on the other necessary spending.

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