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Microsoft Engineer Defects To Rival Google

Microsoft renowned software engineer Blaise Aguera y Arcas joining its tough competitor in the market “Google”. Blaise Aguera y Arcas joined Microsoft in 2006 played key role in developing Microsoft BING. At Microsoft, Aguera y Arcas concentrated on augmented reality, mapping, wearable computing and natural user interfaces, and was a designer of Bing Maps and Bing Mobile. He was named a brilliant engineer in 2011 and command development of Photosynth, a 3D panorama photo app.
Microsoft Enginner Rivery in google
Aguera y Arcas confirmed that he is “going to Google”. At Google he will concentrate on machine learning..
Aguera y Arcas joined Microsoft in 2006 after Seadragon Software; a company he established in 2003, was took over by the software giant. It was at Seadragon where Aguera y Arcas started working on the visualization technology behind Photosynth’s digital rendering and zoom capabilities.
While employees leave companies every day for different of reasons, failure between these two companies has led to harsh employee custody battles. After Google announced in 2005 that it was appointed Kai-Fu Lee, an adroit in speech recognition technology, Microsoft accused Lee and Google, arguing that Lee was disrupt a one-year non-compete agreement that was part of his Microsoft bond. Google later countersued in California court. Microsoft resolved with Google in December 2005, without delivering terms of the pact.
CNET approached Google to comment on this and would update on this information when we get more.


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