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How To Convert NSF Files into MSG Files

Know How A NSF to MSG Tool Performs Conversion Inevitably

Lotus Notes indeed has provided a set of collaborative capabilities like email communication, instant messaging, calendaring, documentation of Workflow process, etc. As organizations wave up for the next set of business goals and requirements, Lotus Notes strives to serve as the best set of tools for providing a common user interface; manifesting effective communication procedure between the employees of the organization. However, it has been noticed that many users of Lotus Notes are looking out for efficient ways to convert the NSF files into MSG file format. Let us find out the actual reason for such type of requirement.

Why do users want to Convert NSF Files into MSG File Format?

  • NSF files are platform specific as they can be approached only through one email application and that is Lotus Notes. Converting the NSF files to MSG file format would enable them to access messages without any email application. Users can open and view it simply with a Notepad or Text pad .Further, the messages can be accessed in Outlook that is popular among users for its simplicity.
  • NSF files containthe entire bulk of email messages maintained in one single file. However, converting the NSF database of Notes to MSG structure will help users to analyze each message individually. Reason being MSG file stores a single message per file.

Apart from the above cited requirements, sometimes there also happens a situation when a user needs to convert the NSF files into MSG file format when he is at client location. Often users do not have the knowledge regarding the email application that is the client location. In such situation, a user cannot afford to lose access to all its important data saved in email messages, crucial contacts, etc. so the best solution is to convert them into MSG structure as this would enable them to access the contents of the message innotepad, without involving the requirement of any email client.

A Complaisant Solution to Address Concerns of Users

Considering the benefits provided by MSG file formats, users prefer to convert the NSF files into MSG type. However, there are always fear of data loss when carrying out a conversion from Lotus Notes NSF to MSG. In the pursuit of a flexible conversion option, a solution that claims of offering a competent solution for users to convert the NSF database of Notes to MSG file format is NSF to MSG Tool. To know more about the product, let us understand its functioning.

Seek Out the Facilities Provided By NSF to MSG Conversion Tool

NSF to MSG Conversion application is a special versed solution that has the masterly techniques of changing the NSF email database into MSG file structure. The competent conversion techniques provide precise results by converting NSF email messages, calendars, to do list and even journals into MSG without any type of data loss. The tool does not restrict on the limitation of NSF files that can be converted into MSG file type. Users can use NSF file of any size to change them to MSG.Let us see how it works.

The software provides an additional functionality of even converting the NSF files into EML file format. Users can browse the NSF files from the application interface itself. Depending on your requirement, you can select any one of the following data items: messages, calendars, to do lists, journals. However, the utility has the proficiency to export data items to MSG.

One of the most featured aspects of the tool is that it allows a user to search for the NSF files even from the subfolders thereby extending its proficiency to the files stored in the sub-folders.

Further, you can save the resultant file in a location of your choice and this is carried by browsing the destination location directly from the utility interface. This helps in managing the converted files efficiently.

The NSF Converter accentuates the conversion process by providing the option for conversion of NSF file into MSG or EML and maintaining the folder hierarchy in the converted files. According to the requirement of user, they can choose to enable or disable this option.

After the completion of NSF to MSG conversion process, you get a message that displays the message for successful conversion procedure.

In addition, all this conversion is going to take place on the same interface of the software. Users do not have to navigate to next screen for selecting a specific. The software has a single panel interface where all the conversion process is going to take place.


It is clear that application that has been discussed above brings out a lot of flexibility in converting the NSF database of Lotus Notes to MSG file format. The software does not impose any kind of restrictions and limitations in the conversion process. Hence, we can say that it is an absolute tool for exporting the contents of NSF to MSG file format.

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