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How to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST File


Summary: This article discusses about method to export Exchange mailbox to PST file. It also discusses about need for such transfer of mailbox to PST file.

Title: How to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST File?

Body: Microsoft Exchange platform is considered to be foremost email application in corporate. However, this application has some restrictions on its usage as the application can be run only inside the range of Exchange network. This arrangement can restrict users from accessing Exchange emails if the system is not in the range of network or if any other system where Exchange platform is not available. In such situations, users demand to export Exchange mailbox to PST file. Once the emails are exported to PST file, it can be easily accessed in Outlook application which can be accessed without needing any specific environment.

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Why Users Opt for EDB to PST Conversion?

At an organizational level, continuity of access of data allied to the databases is extremely important. One has to maintain the data accessibility at any cost and many major steps are taken for the same. For instance, an updated backup or configuration of Exchange with Outlook application is done as a priority. Some users prefer to convert EDB databases to PST files in order to access them in other systems or out of Exchange network range.

Some more instances like sudden Exchange server downtime or other server issues can make the Exchange databases completely inaccessible. Because, the Exchange databases highly depend on availability of server. If there is any issue with network or server, the databases will be of no use. Since the server is not working, the inbuilt mechanism of exporting mailboxes to PST file through cmdlet is also not applicable in such situations. Some other gruesome scenarios like corruption in databases can also put users in grave situations where data cannot be accessed at all. In all such situations users try to find a way using which the data in EDB files or personal mailboxes can be viewed.

How Is EDB to PST Conversion Possible?

In such situations where Exchange server is not available and the databases and associated mailboxes cannot be accessed, an external application like EDB to PST converter can be utilized. This is a professional conversion utility and offers a complete data conversion of emails, contacts, calendars, etc. to PST file using proper technique. Separate PST files are created for each mailbox and one can export Exchange mailbox to PST fileto access emails in MS Outlook application.

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