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How To Delete Mails Permanently In Horde

How To Delete Mails Permanently In Horde


In gmail or Yahoo mail,hotmail if we delete mails it will store in trash some cases for bulk mails delete it will not store even in trash.By manually we need to remove the mails from Trash for permanent deletion.But this case is different for third party mail service providers.Hosting providers will give free mail service along with hosting packages.So here simple steps to delete the mails permanently from Horde mail interface.


– Deletion process is similar in every mail service or mail interface.

– Select the mail and click on delete.

– In Horde mail it will delete but still in inbox we can recover back.Because mail will header will mark that means mail has been delete waiting for permanent delete.

How To Delete Mails Permanently In Horde

– For permanent delete we have a option that is Purge Delete.

How To Delete Mails Permanently In Horde-01

– On Right Hand side from other drop down select the option purge delete this will delete the mail from your inbox permanently.we cannot recover the mail from this interface now.

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