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How To View Hidden Files(.htaccess) In Cpanel

How To View Hidden Files(.htaccess) In Cpanel


If we open file manager it is now showing any hidden files and start with . files.If we want to edit any hidden files like .htaccess file it is very complicate to download from FTP and reload.Here is the simple article to view and access the hidden files.


– Open cPanel and click on File Manager to view the files.
– After click on File Manager button pop-up windows will open with all option.
– In this click on chosen option, for complete directory list select Home Directory if you want particular Document list choose Document Root for: and select the domain name from the drop down list.

How To View Hidden Files(.htaccess) In Cpanel
– Later tick the option Show Hidden Files(dotfiles).
– And click on Ok button.
– Now it will list all the directories including .htaccess hidden files.

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