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How To Empty Recycle bin From Command Prompt

How To Empty Recycle bin From Command Prompt


When user delete any file or image it will move to Recycle bin automatically.If user user Shift delete file will delete permanently.In some cases if user right click on Recycle bin and try to empty Recycle bin it will not delete the files.The same will face if the deleted files are hidden mode also it is not possible to delete using right click on empty Recycle bin.

How To Empty Recycle bin From Command Prompt01

If you are unable to delete any files from Empty Recycle bin option instead of using third party tools you can do empty from the command prompt.

In general rd command is use to remove directory and additional parameter /s is stands for all the files and directory in the following directory.

Open the command prompt and run the following command,

  rd /s %systemdrive%\$Recycle.bin

To run the above command user should be admin privileges.Limited users cannot empty the other user Recycle bin files.

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