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How To Enable TLS In Windows Live Mail

                                                            How To Enable TLS In Windows Live Mail


Some of the mail service required TLS to send mails from the mail accounts.In Ms-Outlook version there is a easy option to change encryption type.

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– TLS is use to avoid the spam activity from the email account.TLS( Transport Layer Security).

– In outlook and Thunderbird there is option to change the encryption type SSL and TLS.Microsoft changed this feature in windows live mail.

– There are two ways to pass the mail using TLS.

– Windows prompting that in windows live mail if you use SSL encryption type that will pass through TLS type.Port number 25 is not allowed some of the geo-graphical locations in this case use the port number 26.

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– Second method is use the port number 587 for out going.587 is nothing but TLS defualt port number for outgoing SMTP.So mails will reoute through TLS in this case.

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