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How To Find the Glance Image Path in Openstack

How To Find the Glance Image Path in Openstack

In openstack environment to launch any instance using any image we use glance images and those images we need to upload it.Somecases we can’t findout the upload images local path in the environment.

Glance images location default location would be /etc/glance/images or /var/lib/glance/images in controller node.If the folder empty but the images are shown in the Glance image-list command means those images has been uploaded to the glance repository and glance registry updated.

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To get that image download there is option , here is that

– First try to use the glance image-list command and get the images list,

# glance image-list

it will display the list of images that upload into the glance repository

– Now use the following command to download the glance images,

# glance image-download <imagename> > <imagename.extention>

ex: glance image-download redhat > redhat.iso

If you want to locate the image path from the database follow the below steps,

#mysql -uroot -pxxxxx
mysql> use glance;
mysql> select value from image_locations where image_id=”image id”;

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