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How To Install And Configure Tomcat In Windows

                                                         How To Install And Configure Tomcat In Windows


Tomcat is one of HTTP application run on TCP/IP.In general HTTP request will work on specified port but in

the application we can define port number between 1024-65535 range.According to that we have to change

configuration in tomcat support .xml files.


– Log in to the serve using administrator details.

– Now download Tomcat from the following URL,

– Download .tar file or .Zip file.Extract the files in to the specified directory.


– Rename the director with the simple name.ex:tomcat8

– Verify the java installation in the server.If it is not installed install Java JDK.

– After Java installation check the JAVA home path using below command from command prompt.

    >set JAVA_HOME
             Environment variable JAVA_HOME not defined


How To Install And Configure Tomcat In Windows01

– Java home path is not defined.Copy Java JDK installation path.Now open My Computer properties.And click

on Advanced system settings.

– In New windows system Properties will open select Environment Variables.

How To Install And Configure Tomcat In Windows

– If Java path is defined change the value to JAVA JDK installed path.If not defined click on New.

– Give the Variable name as JAVA_HOME and Variable Value is JDK path.(c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_).

– Now reopen Command prompt and enter the below Command.

               JAVA_HOME=c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_

– Tomcat configuration should be change mention in the below,

– Go to Tomcat directory and open conf folder.

– Using Text editor(Notepad ++,Notepad) open server.xml file.

– Change Tomcat port number from 8080 to some other like 8989 or 9999 in the file.Check the  below lines in server.xml.

    <Connector port=”9999” protocol=”HTTP/1.1″
              redirectPort=”8443″ />

– Save the file and open web.xml file.

– Change directory Listing for default servlet.Update listings from false to true and save it.


– Now open context.xml for modify configuration.find <Context> and change to mentioned below,

  <Context reloadable=“true”>

– Edit tomcat-users.xml.For Tomcat log in from front end need to define user name and password in the file.Add the below lines for user details,

                    <role rolename=”manager-gui”/>
                    <user username=”manager” password=”xxxx” roles=”manager-gui”/>

– Start Tomcat service in the server.Go to command prompt and open Tomcat directory and bin folder.


– New console will open and start the services.

– for client log in browser use the following , http://localhost:9999 (or) http://localhost:8080.For external use or access through internet use the public ipaddress.ex: (or)


How To Install And Configure Tomcat In Windows02


– After complete the work d’t close the window or d’t logoff.It will split the services.from the command prompt use the shutdown command.


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