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How To Record Screen In Windows,Linux,Mac

How To Record Screen In Windows,Linux,Mac

Screen recording is a very common functionality and widely used feature in all platforms.To record your screen people are using additional paid softwares or online tools.Here is the simple steps to record your screen yourself,


Windows is not providing any built in software to record videos.Simple software that very few people knew about the Capture the video.VLC media player is widely using software to play videos and Music.In this VLC media player there is a option called Capture Device.Simple select the capture mode is Desktop and choose Desired frame rate for the capture, now start record your screen.

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Mac OS X

Mac OS X have built in screen recording tool.Using QuickTime application easily capture the screen.Press Command + Space it will be open Spotlight search choose QuickTime.From file menu and select New Screen Recording from menu bar.From Screen Recording menu select small drop down to choose record audio from microphone.Later click on Record button it will start record your screen.

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In Linux there are lot of free open source too record your screens.From Ubuntu Software Center download and install recordMyDesktop software.

How To Record Screen In Windows,Linux,Mac

Install the software recordMyDesktip and from rightside options choose video and sound quality.From the Advanced option choose the screen size.Easy options and high video quality output.

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