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How To Reset Photoshop Default Settings Back

How To Reset Photoshop Default Settings Back


Photoshop is worldwide photo editing software which was the product of Adobe.High number of designers are using this software.Photoshop contain additional plugins and Filter for more effective output.Some cases filters and wrong key stroke photoshop will not work properly with the updated settings.So in this case instead of recall each option back to verify the photohop functionality we can proceed with default option reset that will push the work towards complete ontime.

How To Reset Photoshop Defualt Settings Back


Here is the simple steps to restore photoshop default settings,

1.Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys and click on photoshop icon using mouse.

2.Now it will ask User Access Control tp modify the access of the program.Click on yes button.

3.Next step it will ask for the delete the photoshop settings file. Click on yes.

4.Photoshop will load normally and check the complete functionalists of the photoshop.

In Photoshop CS2,CS3 version this option was inbuilt in preference  option to set the factory default settings.

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