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Indian Banking Is Placed 3rd In Online Malware

Indian Banking Is Placed 3rd In Online Malware

Internet Penetration released most online malware effected banking countries.In this India placed 3rd in online banking malware.Most cyber crimes which was focused on financial transactions by malware injection.

After Japan and U.S.  online banking malware release very high from India between the quarter April- June 2014.Trend Micro officially released this press note.

Indian Banking Is Placed 3rd In Online Malware

Japan topped with 13,000 malware infections because of VAWTRAK.Most happen attack in the month of May.Second Place U.S. with 5,000 malware infections during April month.Followed 3,000 malware attacks in Indian banking.

Different Antivirus companies generating new updates but malwares are generating very advance to attack the online transactions.In last quarter there are 10million user records was inflected and restored with the most secured data.But it is very difficult to mange the trust on banks and online financial transactions too.

Internet Security solutions are developing most advanced security system that can oppose the malware attacks with regular updates feature update enable.

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