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How To Resolve Incoming Calls Screen Pop-Up Issue

How To Resolve Incoming Calls Screen Pop-Up Issue

In recent times many Android users are facing issues with incoming calls that do not pop-up when someone calls. After Call disconnected the notification it came like you have missed calls. It is very difficult to identify the calls and even if someone calls missed which is really urgent that is a big issue.

There are numeric articles that are forced to do mobile reset , that cause factory restore mode and settings will be normal. But that is not an accurate solution which may also lose important data. Here comes the solution for pop-up notification issue in Android mobiles,

1. Open Settings and go to  Apps and notifications
2. Now scroll down and click on Phone

3. Check Incoming Calls option is enabled or not.

4. If the option is enabled still its incoming calls are not notified.
5. Click on Default option

6. Now check the priority which should be Importance( Urgent: Make sound and pop on screen).
7. There will be 4 options which quite change the preference of incoming calls.

Once enabled these options check the incoming calls, this solution will be the permanent fix.

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