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How To Crack Google Pay 2020 Stamps

How To Crack Google Pay 2020 Stamps

Google introduced new offer for Google Pay users – Collect 2020 stamps to win a chance of 2lakh-20lakh Scratch cards.

This year in Diwali festive season Google introduce Ragoli contest very similar and who completed all stamps got 251/- cash back along with Scratch cards.

Now welcome 2020 released by Google in Google Pay to bag a chance Scratch cards of 2lakh – 20 lakh chances of winning cash back.

Part of Welcome 2020 Google Pay game need to collect 7 stamps in 3 rows and each row consist of claim Scratch cards of 2lakh and 20 lakh . Who complete all rows of 2020 cake will reward of Rs.202 – Rs.2020/-.

Here are the 7 Stamps of 3 rows,

1. Balloon
2. DJ
3. Sunglasses
4. Toffee
5. Selfie
6. Pizza
7. Disco

1. Balloon
Everyone can easily get this stamp by simple scanning the 2020 photos or images. Even On-air – when Gpay ad is running on YouTube or TV open on-air and you will get stamp and this will do twice will 2 different stamps will come.

DJ stamp is random one and while open 2020 Scanner next to Balloon DJ is most of them get very easily. If you gift Balloon to anyone chances of receive the gift of DJ.

3. Sunglasses
Sunglasses also be normal one part of 2020 Scanner/On-air/Gift stamps people will get this stamp.

One of the rare stamp Toffee. Paying simple bills minimum 300/- or minimum 98/- recharge you will get this stamp. Possibility of first time you gift any stamp to others return gift will be Toffee.

To earn this stamp doing second bill payment or 2nd recharge this unique stamp will receive. Bill payments like DTH/Postpaid bill/Electricity bills.

Another unique and one of the hard stamp is Pizza. Refer to new Gpay users and post first payment of them you will get Pizza stamp. Only reference will not get pizza stamp , user must complete first payment. On few cases if you are the first one who gifting the stamp will be get this unique stamp.

Disco is single row stamp which offer a Scratch card. Typical stamp and very rare to get this stamp. Google prompt offers to get this stamp. Like twice of mobile recharge of paying ola cabs.

Key Points:

1. Each Row consist of unique Scratch worth of 2L- 20L
2. Many users will get unique stamps by gifting to others that you should be the first gifting one to them.
3. Mobile recharges are high possibilities to get unique stamps like Selfie, Pizza, Disco
4. After complete each row Claim the Scratch cards ” Scratch your 2020 bonus ticket for a chance to win 2Lakh”
5. Once cake completed that means all rows are finish you will get final Scratch card of 202 to 2020 directly to your account.

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